Amara Wellness

I was contacted by a small design agency named Brand Tonyc to design a logo for a brand new wellness clinic located in Brampton, Ontario. The clinic offers services in homeopathy and healing for those looking to live a more happier and fulfilling life. The wellness clinic is a safe space that values healing of oneself, communities and growth.

Amara Wellness clinic located in Brampton, Ontario.

Creative briefing and moodboards

Every creative project starts off with a brief or questionnaire offered to the client. To get a better understanding of what we're designing for, I was given a creative brief to work with and a moodboard. Working with the art director, we determined the look and feel the client was aiming for. This stage is vital before going into concepts and sketches.

Concept sketches

The easiest and most efficient way to move forward with ideas is to put pen/pencil onto paper. The process of sketching concepts is key to showcasing ideas quickly and guide the client to better understand what they desire. The client gravitates towards one or a few concepts before moving onto higher fidelity logo designs.


High fidelity designs

Working with Adobe Illustrator, I imported the scanned sketches into the app and started tracing and refining the logo drawings. Designing at this stage allows for more details.


The clients prefer neutral and calming colors that are earthy. After logo design is final, we play around with colour palettes and create signages and business cards.

Final outcome