My Dashboard

My dashboard (My account) is a space for members who have signed up for a Canada Post account. Users are able to use tools that will help build their businesses. It is a space where users are able to track, invoice, find a postal code and more.

Commercial user example

Dashboard tour design and illustrations

Personal and business users

There are different types of users, personal and business. Each dashboard offers a unique set of available tools depending on their needs. The Dashboard was designed in a way to showcase the tools that are most applicable and is simply designed for easy use.

Process sketches

Each block or element existing on the dashboard are known as widgets. My UI/UX process involves sketching before prototyping in high fidelity. I collaborate with UX team members to determine how best to approach a design/development/user problem. Many iterations were quickly sketched out making decisions quicker. We work in scrum teams in an agile environment.


Blue sky approach

The dashboard was meant to be customizeable and a place where members should explore new ways of improving their business. As a UI and UX designer on the team, I was constantly designing and iterating new ideas by playing with photography, colors, typography and shapes. The possibilities are endless.

Responsive screens

The designs were flexible and considerations were made for a better viewer experience. All desktop, tablet and mobile views were mocked up and optimized.

Designing states

Each widget had a different state which determines what information should be in place when it is inactive or active. I worked with content and product owners in determining the length and feel of the information displayed. Icons were also designed and are key indicators as to what type of tools are available.