Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes Design and Illustrations

I was approached by the founder/creator of Fuwa Fuwa pancakes through social media. It is a very popular Japanese Pancakes chain started in Canada with plans to expand. My first taste of the Japanese pancakes was at an outdoor cultural festival known as JapanFest in Mississauga. I fell in love with the taste and lightness of the dessert that I created a watercolor illustration and posted it on social media where the owner/creator of Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes found my artwork. I am currently working on illustrations and media design for some of their outlets.

Postcard and instructional design

I worked with their brand colors and designkit to work into the design of the postcard. These cute and simple instructions were given in takeout bags along with the dessert. It is a way to communicate 'how best to eat and store' the delightful Japanese pancakes.

Postcard designs

I worked with typography and layout incorporating the brand colors. Some text edits and suggestions were made to simplify the messaging.

The illustrations were all hand-drawn and painted using watercolor ink on watercolor paper. The artwork is scanned onto the computer and digitized and edited for placement into the design of the postcards.

Limited edition macarons

Design and hand illustrated by me. These were a delight to create!