Lexus of Canada

The website was midway through launch when I was onboarded to the team as a contract web designer. My tasks included design and production of web page designs, prototyping, editing photography and interaction design.

Lexus of Canada responsive website

The Lexus of Canada website showscases all the new models of vehicles available for the customer to purchase. My tasks involved design and production of a few vehicle pages in all the important breakpoints.

Design and interaction

There were a few interactions and styles I have designed for the website to enhance the experience. Some of the information would be best conveyed using graphics instead.

Retractable vehicle top simple animation.

Created graphics to show aerodynamics.

Designed and demonstrated detailed info interaction.

Process sketches

My process involves sketching out possible layouts and best solutions that can be developed. Before producing high fidelity mockups, my preferred method is always sketching it out quickly.


Emphasis on photography

Photography plays an important part of the Lexus website. The website is heavily reliant on the use of photography to delight and attract customers. Vehicle photography is the focal point of all landing pages. My duties involved organization, editing, colour correcting, compositing (swapping materials in photography) and optimizing images for the website.